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August 26, 2011

Recent events

I had a great time at Filmfestivalen in Haugesund. Went over there last saturday, had some lovely days with a lot of work and a lot of pleasure. Friends and collueges, you made it a great stay, thanks!

Came home dead tired on wednesday, and went straight to work at Mobakken. Came home 10pm, understood that the tiredness wasn't all because of the filmfestival... I was sick, and yesterday was not very productive. Even more sick this morning, kids where fighting and yelling and on our way to a funeral I crashed our car. Wow. What a great day. I'll just go to bed and hopefully wake up and understand it was all a bad dream.

Me, sick:
Bilde tatt 26.08.2011 kl. 19.57 #2.jpg

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